Personal Attack Alarms

Personal Alarms - Various Styles

A Personal Attack Alarm is a very effective and popular personal safety device. They are also known as a personal safety alarm or a panic alarm. It is an audio device which by simply pressing a button or pulling a rip cord emits a loud alarm, up to 140db.

This is intended to bring attention to you in a threatening situation, and disorientate and deter any would be attacker and alert surrounding people, who can often provide assistance and obtain valuable evidence for the police. They can make the difference between becoming a victim of crime or not.

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Personal Alarms – Who Can They Be Used By?

Personal Alarms can be used by anyone who may find themselves in a potentially dangerous or uncomfortable situation, whether that be through their day to day journeys, social or work life, or they can be carried just for that extra peace of mind.

Crystal Security Group    Children walking home from school

Crystal Security Group    Younger child separated from parents (in crowd/shopping centre)

Crystal Security Group    Elderly or vulnerable

Crystal Security Group    Joggers, hikers, climbers, sports enthusiasts

Crystal Security Group    Shift workers finishing late at night

Crystal Security Group    Lone females walking home from a night out

Crystal Security Group    Increase self-confidence and peace of mind


Various Alarm Styles And Features:

Personal Alarms are generally battery powered and are small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag, or attach to a key-ring or school bag. The batteries can last for months before they need replacement, even when activated several times. Some of our alarms also feature a small LED torch light that can help bring additional attention and distract a would be attacker.

Most are activated by pulling a pin out that is attached to a cord, and they will remain activated until the pin is replaced.

Crystal Security Group     Designs and styles to suit all ages

Crystal Security Group      Up to 140db audible alarm

Crystal Security Group      Pull pin or push button activation

Crystal Security Group      Key ring or lanyard attachments

Crystal Security Group      LED light/torch

Crystal Security Group      Great for keeping in handbag, clipping to school bag, or attaching to car keys


We supply alarms throughout Australia and postage is FREE.

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