WA Mine Site Security

Given the high risk nature of the mining industry, and its activities regularly of interest in the public arena, we understand that mine site security and safety are of a top priority.

Crystal Security Group provides a professional, well trained specialist mine site security team. They are able to meet the unique challenges faced when working on a remote mine site.

We are experienced in providing gatehouse security, lease patrols, shutdown security teams, and general site asset protection. We also have mine site security officers trained in fitness for work testing and emergency incident management, along with Emergency Services Officers and medics.

Our clients include a large gold mining company in the West Australian Goldfields region. We provide day to day security services, along with additional mine site security teams for periodic mill shutdowns, and disused mining areas put into care and maintenance.


mine site securityOur team is well experienced in dealing with various mine site security tasks such as:

Crystal Security Group    Gatehouse operations

Crystal Security Group    Shut downs

Crystal Security Group    Lease and boundary patrols

Crystal Security Group    Asset protection

Crystal Security Group    Evacuation procedures and emergency incidents

Crystal Security Group    Fitness for work testing

Crystal Security Group    Medical Treatments